Growrr finally says goodbye...

Hello Growtopians,

Growrr and its services are officially shutting down today March 31st 2021, Growrr was the most ambitious project I have ever worked on as a developer, I'm really glad that a lot of growtopians supported it right from the beginning of the project. I couldn't believe that Growrr lasted for 9 months and have been used by over 900 users and helped on their in-game needs.


Some of the frequently asked question

What is the reason behind the shutdown?

The reason behind the shutdown will remain disclosed.

Is there a chance that Growrr will come back in action?

Growrr might come back in the next couple years but as of now there is no possiblity of it coming back in action.

I love the idea of Growrr, are there any similar service like Growrr?

After the announcement of Growrr being shutdown on the official Growrr discord server, Chicc (former administrator of Growrr) contacted me if he could use the concept of Growrr for his next project. GrowLancer is a similar service just like Growrr developed by Chicc and is currently under development you can join their official discord server to follow the development of the project

I need a help from the Growrr support!

We are accepting growrr related issues on our inbox until the end of the first week of April 2021.