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The icon is inspired by the art style of JimpNotSimp's service here on Growrr

Growrr Referral Program

We're looking forward to expanding the Growrr community until it reaches every existing growtopian in the world that's why we need your help to achieve this amazing goal and no, you're not doing that for free we value your effort. We're giving you 5 World Locks every time you refer someone to Growrr and it doesn't end there we're also giving your referee 5 World Locks as a reward for accepting your referral request. We can't wait to meet your friends here in Growrr (make sure to introduce us to them).

What are the requirements?

  • Must have a Growrr account
  • Must have a GrowStocks Pay account connected to your Growrr account
  • Must be a part of GrowrRewards program
  • and lastly, you must have a friend (if you don't have one feel free to reach us out we can be your friend)

When can I receive my World Locks?

  • Your referee must register to Growrr
  • Your referee must be a part of the GrowrRewards program
  • Your referee must have at least one completed paid order (the order can't be from or to the referrer's services)
  • Must be a part of GrowrRewards program
  • Your referee must connect their account to GrowStocks Pay

Your referral earnings will be sent to you via GrowrRewards balance you can learn more about GrowrrRewards here. We can't wait to welcome your friends here at Growrr. We'll see you later!