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Introducing GrowrRewards

GrowrRewards is a reward program that gives Growrr users an opportunity for an alternative payment for GrowStocks Pay though you still need to top-up from GrowStocks Pay to have some GrowrRewards balance on your rewards account alternatively, you can also earn world locks without doing any hard work such as Growrr's referral program.

Where can I use my GrowrRewards Balance?

  • Alternative payment for your orders
  • Flex to your friend

GrowrRewards is not a full alternative to Growrr's primary payment system GrowStocks Pay. GrowrRewards is a rewards program, not a payment system unlike GrowStocks Pay though you can use your GrowrRewards balance when making an order. One more thing to note is GrowrRewards balances are not refundable meaning, you can't transfer your balance from GrowrRewards to your GrowStocks Pay account.